Congratulations on your future life in Germany!

As a qualified nurse and/or specialist in the medical field, you have the chance to make your life economically successful and to achieve prosperity through dedication and dignity. ZarMed helps you to come to Germany and supports you in building a happy and contented life.

In addition to your professional qualifications and knowledge, it is extremely important to have or acquire good German language skills. There are different ways to do this, tailored to your personal situation, talk to us. What we expect from you? Be a “Czarina”, self-confident, close to tradition and appreciative! In addition respectful, ready for action, purposeful and always with your head held high for your patients, your employer and of course for yourself.

… up to 3.000€ per month after one year!

This is how we work together:



you apply to us.



we check your documents.


your German employer will be introduced to you.

4.job interview

job interviews/interviews.


you sign the employment contract.


together with you we coordinate your integration path: language course, authorities, accommodation, recognition.


in Germany we meet you and clarify with you the affairs with the authorities..

8.start of work

you start working for your new employer! We stand by you.


you recruit further applicants and receive an attractive bonus!


  1. concluded education as a nurse
  2. firm will and determination for a career in nursing business in Germany.
  3. reliability, curiosity and reputation.
  4. German language skills, if necessary with certificate
  5. at least 18 years old.
  6. driving licence desirable.

* You can fill out the form online in the browser. Then print it out, insert a passport photo and send it by email to Thank you very much!

Your future prospects:

Successful integration is essential for a good standard of living in Germany, where the profession plays a very important role. The profession of nurse is highly regarded in Germany; the demand for nursing staff is enormous.

ZarMed carefully selects its partner companies; value orientation and sovereignty characterize our corporate philosophy.

You will work in a team and learn to integrate quickly and sustainably. After successful recognition of your qualifications, nothing stands in the way of your career opportunities in the company. If you are satisfied with your qualifications without recognition, there are naturally many opportunities for development here as well.

ZarMed stands by his “Czarina “.