recruits audited nursing staff to all over Germany, preferably from Eastern Europe. Whether in outpatient nursing (intensive care) or basic and treatment care, our applicants can be employed in all nursing areas.

Our network enables us to familiarize foreign nursing staff with the German situation systematically in terms of language, culture and expertise, thus ensuring the quality of work and long-term availability. In cooperation with our clients, we develop together the way taht the integration of their new nursing staff, who came to Germany with their high-quality qualifications, will succeed optimally in their special case.

Our goal is to provide you with highly qualified nursing staff on a sustainable basis and to give the applicant a consistent perspective in life and work.

Added value for both sides – guaranteed success!

ZarMed is happy to support you so that sustainable social integration can take place. As a result, the employee remains in your company for the long term. ZarMed regards the provision of living space in a socially and culturally appropriate environment, such as a shared flat of like-minded people, as an essential prerequisite for this.

Your advantages: 

  • excellently qualified nursing staff (health and nursing staff).
  • linguistic preparation, already in the applicant’s home country.
  • Assistance with the integration of public authorities.
  • Support for social integration.
  • 1 year mentoring by ZarMed .

Individuelle Leistungspakete: 

  1. personnel placement only
  2. personnel placement + language course preparation B1
  3. personnel placement + language course preparation B2
  4. personnel placement + language course preparation B1/2 + intensive support from the authorities
  5. personnel placement + language course B1/B2 + intensive support from the authorities

Incl. performance for all packages: Navigation of authorities + integration talk

Our Workflow:







6. offer of contract


8.execution of a contract

9.detailed planning