ZarMed, conservative and value-oriented,

is breaking new ground in the placement of qualified specialists from (Eastern European) countries. ZarMed considers social and official integration to be decisive for a successful recruitment and supports your new employees in their first year in the company.

Our philosophy:

We place great emphasis on the inner attitude, value-conservative in the best sense, of our applicants in modern times. At ZarMed, the sustainable will and visions of applicants for their lives in a new world are essential. The many daily challenges they face can only be met with a lot of discipline and perseverance. The joy of respectful, reliable work with people and the meaningfulness of care are essential personal characteristics of the applicants, your “Czarina”, at ZarMed.

Therefore, in addition to the required qualifications, these criteria are decisive for the selection of our applicants. Our candidates carry out their profession with pride, attitude and an inner attitude of a “Czarina”, knowing the value this has for the patients and the company they work for.

“Health is our most valuable asset. This was not only the case 100 years ago, but is confirmed in the times of Corona. ZarMed is committed to contributing to the further preservation of our most valuable asset!”

Wolf-Dieter Lachenmaier

Wolf-Dieter Lachenmaier

Managing director

born in Renningen, based in Berlin since 2005

1983: Degree in business administration (University of Stuttgart)

> 30 years of management experience in:

Sales, purchasing, projects and as general manager