Over 60,000 qualified nursing staff

and other medical personnel be in demand in the Federal Republic of Germany. As a qualified nurse and/or specialist in the medical field with well-founded knowledge of the German language, or the willingness and strong will to acquire it, you have a great chance to make your life economically successful and to achieve prosperity. Come, work and live in Germany, send us a message info@zarmed.de and we will take care of you.

As a healthcare institution, always looking for qualified professionals, ZarMed opens up new, interesting and sustainable opportunities. ZarMed gives you access to qualified specialists from (Eastern European) countries and takes care of the social and “bureaucratic” integration of your new employees. In this way, the ZarMed way, the recruitment of specialists for their new employees and them as employers becomes a model of success. Interested in? Write us a message info@zarmed.de.

 ZarMed UG (limited liability), conservative and value-oriented, is breaking new ground in the placement of qualified specialists from abroad. ZarMed considers social and “bureaucratic” integration to be decisive for a successful recruitment and accompanies your new employees in their first year.